Pastor Josephine “Dolly” Olatunde is the delectable wife of Pastor Johnson Olatunde. An ordained minister of the gospel reaching out to women across the globe. Her heart has been focused on working to develop chosen vessel women and to help them comprehend who they are in Christ Jesus.

Her desire is to see the women of God come out of the shadows of bondage and enter into the liberty and strength of their true calling with no fear.

A great embodiment of a wife and a virtuous woman. She is a prolific preacher of the gospel and as fashionable as she is spiritual, maintaining a balanced Christian life. Pastor Josephine love for God and passion for exceptional Christian living is supreme. She is not just a preacher’s wife but also a preacher. Her platform of influence extends beyond the pulpit as she also communicates divine wisdom at any level without reservation. It sure takes an exceptional dose of grace to combine the roles of a pastor, intercessor, wife, mother, preacher, and counselor.

She is married to her crown Rev. Dr. Johnson Olatunde her husband and a life long coach and the union is blessed with anointed children.