Ammunition of Prayer (52 Weeks Prayer Guide)

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This book is a bondage breaker. More people than you can count are under the powers of witchcraft. Some knows and others have no clue. This book not only tell you how to know but also show you the way out. Praise God! Dr. Johnson Olatunde has reveled untold secrets of this dark sinister world that is responsible for barrenness stagnation, death, sickness, debt and host of other evil condition. This life changing resource helps anyone facing witchcraft activities understand and embrace the promise to win the spiritual battles that confront them.


This book has 52 weekly  guide to a powerful and effective spiritual strategies that will help you break loose from the captivities of the devil. I bet you that this book will deliver you and help you maintain a daily prayerful life forever. It is hard to pray 3 times a day but believe me after embarking on this 52 weekly guide you will testify to the world about how praying daily is a necessity. Through out the bible the most used word use by Jesus is “PRAY”.